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Students’ Perspective on Online Assessment Systems

As a consequence of changes in environmental conditions, the demand for online assessment systems has increased. The perspective of students towards these systems should be taken into account in the establishment of online assessment systems.

With the advancing technological opportunities, online assessment systems are used, especially for distance education applications. In this article, the thoughts of students about the system are examined in terms of performing not on a paper- online.

Paper or Screen?

When students complete certain educational processes, the outcomes should be measured. It is possible initially with an exam and then followed by an evaluation application. Mostly preferred applications on paper by institutions took place as online for various reasons. On the other hand, students are able to feed different perspectives towards both applications. It is clearly stated that students have a positive impression on online exams in scientific researches. Additionally, it is visible that not only the application of the exam but also the validity of the assessment is also positive according to students’ opinions. Since there is a growing focus on learning in online assessment applications, studies show that students are also satisfied with the results they receive. In this view, one can assume that the paper system has worked for many years, but online assessment software is also preferable for its advantages.

What are the Effects of Online Assessment Systems on the Learning Process?

Online assessment for students has various benefits compared to traditional assessment systems in terms of one to one relationship between student and system. For example, students deal with various anxieties in traditional assessment systems. The anxiety of waiting for the results, is eliminated with online learning assessment systems. In addition, students can receive their individual feedback in online assessment systems after completing their tests. In this way, they can plan their work forward and be prepared for the next exams by creating their strategies. As a result, students who get rid of various anxieties can have the opportunity to make their studies more efficient in parallel with the feedback they receive.

Opinions and Feedbacks from Students

In overall, the students positive impression for online assessment systems The data revealed by scientific studies point to this idea as well as the students’ own statements. Analyzing these sources leads us to that they find an evaluation structure combined with multimedia elements more attractive. In addition, they welcome warmly to the time advantage and interactive nature of online assessment systems. In line with the statements of the students, online assessment tools provide various cost and space advantages, mainly when used in distance education. As Witwiser, we support online assessment systems that enable students to continue their education in a more comfortable and strategic way.

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