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Witwiser is an innovative and user-oriented company focusing on online assessment solutions and products in international markets. We are driven by the vision of continuously enhancing our products in the fields of online
assessment design and remote proctoring solutions.

Technology has driven countless shifts in different sectors. We are doing our part and understanding our client's needs and develop products that meet those needs. Large-scale companies like academic institutions, international certification centers, and HR departments use our products. Thanks to our systems, institutions can create any quiz, test, or exam simple to sophisticated and provide assessment security – with our powerful and easy to use products.

Let's redesign your assessment processes to online together!
We provide you affordable, scalable, secure, and flexible solutions.

Meet the team

Strategy advisors, engineers and designers all under one roof.
Volkan Baran
Co-founder & CEO
Zafer Şen
Ayten Kaya
Sr. Product Manager
Doğan Can Ergün
Business Development Manager

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Our team has the technical knowledge and experience to surpass your expectations!


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Dear Test-taker,

Witwiser respects the privacy of the test takers who use our services. We do not sell or otherwise commercialize your personal data and use the data only to provide and improve our proctoring services.
In order to maintain the validity and integrity of the exam process, we need to collect certain data from and about you. We collect only the data that enables us to do so. Nothing more.

We understand that you are anxious during these trying times and wish to assure you that we take our responsibilities very seriously. We wouldn't be in front of you today if we were not trustworthy stewards of your personal information. We wish you good luck with your exams and continued security and health.


Witwiser Team

User privacy, data security, and product accessibility are very important to us.
We engage in ongoing reviews and updates (when necessary) of our products to ensure their accessibility for all potential users.

For more in-depth explanations, please refer to our Privacy Policy and our Privacy Policy - Application.