The easy way of providing the management of examination and online assessment

Online assessment systems can have a variety of features that would be helpful to both institutions and test-takers alike.

Online assessment facilitates quick and clear reports

Access unlimited test-takers in minutes and keep digital record.
  • Set-up/configure online exam

  • Take exam anytime, anywhere

  • Automatic grading

  • Real-time results

  • Random questions and choices

  • User centered design

  • Detection skills quickly

  • Supported by remote proctoring

Assess everything

Our product support the following question types and more...
Multiple choices
Text typing
Audio & Video
Drag and drop

Organizing these exams is now easier...

Standardized interviews
Personality test
Proficiency exam
Online aptitude test
High number of concurrent user testing

Conduct online assessments in 4 steps

Measure test-taker skills and discover their insight in a quick set-up with our product.
Create examsBuild multiplequestion types
Custom email invitationsBulk upload candidatesSelect time-slotsInvite test-takers
Instant installObjective & Secure exam* OptionalProctor test
Realtime resultsCustomized resultsExport results

What sets our online assessment system apart

An example of managing proficiency exam questions according to their difficulty level

MediumClosest meaningRandom 10 questionDifficultParagraph completionRandom 5 questionEasyParagraph completionRandom 4 questionReading poolGeneral poolPROFICIENCY EXAM 1
MediumNote-takingRandom 1 questionListening poolWriting poolVery EasyWritingRandom 1 questionVery DifficultWhile-listeningRandom 9 questionPROFICIENCY EXAM 2

Easily manage the question you want to come in a certain order by dividing them into tags.

Shuffle the sequence of question or options for every participant.

Questions can be set to appear only once.

Create single or multiple exams with different weights in one session for automatically calculated final score

Review your report screen for better decision making

Let's start to reduce your costs and operation time!