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Is an Accurate Measurement of Success Possible with Online Exams?

Keeping up with the latest improvements in education means not only adapting to emerging situations but also providing an equally successful alternative.

Distance learning can be defined as the practice of education through online platforms without the learner having to attend physically. With all its advantages and disadvantages, distance education requires distinctive solutions when it comes to the assessments of results. While online exams prove to have numerous similarities with physical ones, unconventional methods and precautions are needed for the purpose of an accurate measurement for this system. As a rising market, both online exams and evaluations are undergoing a radical change with the most recent technologies and academic studies. These developments in computer programming, examinee behavior, and data analysis help the instructors review and measure test results; thus, allowing a more accurate and fair measurement of success.

New Era of Education: Online Classes & Exams

Acting as the foundation of any developing society, education has always followed a conventional face-to-face approach between the instructor and the learner. While this system has been in place since the beginning, recent developments in technology have brought new methods and solutions to the table. With the concepts of “working from home” and “self-education” becoming more and more popular, the traditional education systems are being replaced by distance learning programs. Allowing the students to participate without physical attendance proved its usefulness, especially with the latest situation the world has been experiencing in terms of:

  • Providing a vast pool of specialized educational options,
  • Presenting equal opportunities to a great number of students,
  • Standardizing the instruction steps,
  • Reducing the costs as well as increasing the quality,
  • Eliminating health-related issues that can be caused by physical necessities.

Naturally, every system of education comes with a related form of examination. In online education, all these benefits can also be seen in assessments as well. With the purpose of measuring how much the learner has gathered from the courses or the lessons, online exams are relied upon by various institutions. Used most commonly by universities and other forms of traditional schools, online exams also occur in online courses, certification programs, and hiring processes.

How Do Online Exam Systems Work?

In many ways, online education and examination systems are seen as identical in format to its conventional face-to-face counterpart. Thanks to the ever-developing nature of this system, online education and examination are not seen as a substitute, rather as a new and improved system with the purpose of keeping up with the contemporary world. Online exam systems work similarly to the traditional ones. With the proper tools to assist the instructors, any form of test can be integrated into an online format. Through these tools, the instructor sets up the exam in any desired form. This can include the number of questions, duration of the test, format of the answers, and the general approach towards the exam. While all these can be customized by the instructor, the online exam taker should be given detailed guidelines and parameters in the beginning. These are extremely useful as the test progresses for the duration that was determined beforehand. In the end, the test closes permanently, sending the instructor the given answers and a proper analysis if chosen.

Online Proctoring & Measures

One of the most beneficial parts of online assessment software is the fact that the results and proper feedback can be acquired almost immediately. While this system eases the burden on the instructors, it also allows the test-takers to learn from their mistakes and to improve in the future. In addition, online proctoring services provide a detailed insight into the examinee’s behavior. With its primary function to prevent cheating, these systems can detect any type of suspicious activity with or without any personnel as the online exam proctor. With proper monitoring, the test results could be determined fairly, resulting in an accurate measurement of success. This system, at the same time, can present the examiner with the behavioral data of the examinee. Either analyzed individually or as a whole, this data can be instrumental in the final judgement of the test-takers’ results.

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