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How to Prevent Cheating During Online Exams?

Students may cheat while taking exams to achieve success. Online proctoring software is able to provide a 360-degree control system for such cases.

Online exam processes are obliged to provide fairness in many ways. As inequalities between students lead to a loss of motivation and confidence. Such kind of situations must be taken into account. The optimum way to prevent cheating appears to be the use of an online proctoring software because of the fact that online proctoring ensures justice among students. It is a pioneer in making correct evaluations by preventing possible fraud.

Student Researches: Anticipated Ways of Cheats

Students may cheat when they are in stressful times, since they may believe that a single mistake may lead loss of all efforts. The researches state that overly praised students have tendency to cheating more often. As online exams seem vulnerable to the threat of cheating, such attempts from students are expected. While remote proctoring softwares are programmed with the purpose of eliminating these kinds of risks, students may still try to cheat in various ways. The most common method in this matter can be seen as browsing the internet during the exam. Next in line, comes someone giving the examinee the answers, followed by using physical sources such as books. Since all these methods prove to be concrete risks, the students are needed to be monitored by using professional means. In this regard, expert services provided by remote proctoring softwares are required.

To Get Safe and Accurate Results

It is very valuable for students to get the reward for their efforts. A reliable system should be able to guarantee that. For online examination, it is only possible with an online proctoring system. The evaluation processes have become fairer since this way, the exam proctor is able to examine the test takers’ behavior in detail. Online proctoring exam processes provides a scalable solution for cheating issues. Because exam proctors are free to examine test takers’ behavior. In addition to all these, evaluation of the exam results depends on a software. The system accelerates the measurement and evaluation processes as opposed to being a manual calculation. Therefore, it is quite likely to give the correct results. In order to obtain accurate and safe results the institutions should use online proctoring software.

To Place Reliance on Online Proctoring

The online proctoring systems have been widely used in last recent years. That leads an significant increase in the number of online proctoring services. In the first stage, universities and colleges mostly preferred it. As the programming advanced more, the software started to analyze every assessment deeply. In this final product, at the end of the exam processes, the system generates smart alerts for the risky points. The software works quite fast and straightforward. Because the tests are examined without additional resources, they indicate a reliable method of study. The system of online proctoring test proves to be the answer to the digitization needs of numerous institutions. This results in a worldwide increase of online proctoring services along with the reasons of:

  • Test takers saving time and money
  • Growth of e-learning
  • Lack of infrastructure
  • Cost advantage.

Through all these advantages and benefits, the examiners and instructors possess the comfort of relying on a credible system.

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